How can early morning runs boost your productivity?

Throughout high school, I would always wake up early in the morning to go out for morning runs. It was a daily ritual, and I hardly missed a day. After graduating from high school, I gave up on running because I thought I couldn’t find time. I lied to myself and for the next couple of years, I felt tired, stressed, lazy, and unproductive. 

The beauty of waking up to the sun !!!

The beauty of waking up to the sun !!!

I recently started waking up before sunrise to jog around my neighborhood for 20 to 30 minutes. The result was astounding. I was alert, focused, and ready to tackle any task on my planner. I’ve compiled a few important reasons on why early morning runs can increase your productivity and improve your health. 

Early morning runs reduce your stress levels. There are many studies that recommend aerobic exercises, such as running to cope with stress. Waking up before sunrise, and running on your own can help anyone relax from the pressure of family, school, and work. 

Early morning runs save time. There is a quote that goes as follows: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. We are so busy running after errands and life, so running in the morning can save up a lot of time. You could also get more work done throughout the day. 

Lastly, running in the morning gives you the pleasure to appreciate another day to improve your life and work towards your goals. The early mornings are the most calm, quiet, and peaceful time of the day. Why not try waking up early and going out for a run tomorrow morning?